squirrels & nuts

Squirrels are the best pea-brains I know of. Oportunistic, curious, adaptable; and wonderfully forgetful. It always makes me smile when passing a tree, rock or building, with a little tree growing out of it. Forgotten nuts moves nature around.


Playing with the squirrels outside the museum of natural history makes sense. There’s a good deal of them around; easy to spot in leafless trees. Apparently, the museum have The squirrel expert. We pass his office and nook down the corridor now and then. Squirrel corner, with squirrel cartoons. Wonder if he eats nuts for brekkie.

the guy from the Smithsonian office of protection service calling the albino squirrel. She used to live down by air & space, apparently.. He seemed happy she was back.

True albino squirrel. Decisions: eat nut, or dig it into the ground?

from squirrel corner: