bente halvorsenBorn in the year of the rat, with an owl as the family crest: a mature, childish, female, recently finished my MSci. in informatics. Bookbinder, potter, traveller, designer, calligrapher. A love for books and letters, a need for nonsense.

A walker of walks, drinker of wine and whisky; political without party. Slightly geekish, always carry pen and paper. Climber of bits of rock. A fascination for conflicts; a need for trees. I have been called an all-round nerd. A big compliment and a wonderful oxymoron.

Life is like that.

what I do

I structure, build, design, code and implement websites, and define what I can do and what kind of specialist is needed for certain tasks. I am a potter and bookbinder by trade(s), a digital media-ist by BSci, nerd by MSci, I know strange things and solve puzzles. Ask me about all sorts of things.
Things that makes me forget time, that are exciting, and that contains some of these things…: information architecture, interaction design, graphic design, illustration, web, web, web, animation & 3D, handling complex data- og information relations, HTML, CSS, typography, photography, infographics, colours, whiteboards, ideas, some nice and challenging people, and a pot of coffee. This is only some of the things that interests me; I am open to suggestions :-) I like coffee, will happily have a chat over a cup.

Information architecture, user interface and interaction, graphic design… these things should work together; I am at my happiest when I can play with both large scale, conceptual thinking, and keeping in mind the tiny little details that will, in the end, make it sound. This means that I love the whiteboard, pen & pencil and digging into the core of the information, and at the same time, I am an illustrator, graphic designer. I have a background in print media, and InDesign is my friend.

you can mail me through this form.