Bente Halvorsen

Interaction, web & UX-design · M. Sci.

Asker · Norway

Interaction designer, UX-er, system development

I solve knotty problems creatively, and love to work with concept development, prototyping, visual tools, graphic design, and data & information visualisations. I speak nerd. And design.

I have worked with a broad variety of people, fields, user-groups, and clients. In particular with scientists and engineers; digging into their data, learning to understand the thinking, solving problems and finding solutions together: for both project owners and their users.

I have a particular interest in spatial and time-related data. In other words: maps and timelines.

Key competences:

Interaction design, user experience, web and system development, concept development, co-creation, visualisations, typography

Key interests:

Cartography, information architecture, tangible interactions, illustration


UX and interaction design

HR-manager talent solution

UX-research, interaction design, conceptual development, UI, web development, graphics.

August 2018 – present

UX and Design Lead

Highsoft AS

UX-research, interaction design, conceptual development, UI, web development, graphics.

November 2017 - June 2018

Interaction, web, and graphic design, Norway/USA


Freelance UX and interaction design, system design, graphic design. Interaction design, vector-work, print, photography, drawing, concept development, real-life applications, and prototyping.

April 2008 - present

Web, interaction, graphic design

Web-based application for acoustic instrumentation. Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JS (jQuery).


Web, interaction, graphic design

In-house application for database queries. Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JS.


Web, interaction, graphic design

Interaction design, graphic design, vector-work, print, photography, drawing, concept development, real-life applications, and prototyping.

National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian institution

Web, interaction, graphic design

Building a web interface and information architecture to display large amounts of CT-scans and information from a large section of the Smithsonian collections.

Favourite Systems

Web, interaction, graphic design

Coding, structuring, implementing web pages, company blog, information architecture, and interaction design.

Uninett conference 2009

Web, interaction, graphic design

Web, photography, interaction design, translations.

University College Østfold

Graphic design and automation

Graphic design and technical solutions for XML to InDesign catalogue solution.

Schneider Electric

Technician, designer

Nortek AS

Nortek develops doppler-based research instruments for measuring movement in water. Their products range from delicate laboratory instrumentation to large, deepsea systems for the continental shelf deployment. I worked eventually as a test engineer, with field work, testing, and data analysis. I was also responsible for ISO certification, health and safety, and graphic design.

May 2001 - July 2007

Production thrower

Judy Greene Pottery, Galway, Ireland

Production thrower of Greene range of ceramics.

August 2001 - December 2001

Hostel management, architectual reclamation

Northern Ireland

I had some short-term jobs to finance travelling around Ireland.

October 1998 – 1999

Technical support

IBM, Ireland

Technical support for home computers.

October 1997 – October 1998

Offset printer, pre-print, post-print

Hippopotamus AS

The structure of the company was "flat", meaning that everyone did almost everything. I therefore did pre-print and post-print in addition to operating the offset printing presses, as well as driving the delivery truck.

August 1994 – July 1997


University of Oslo, Institute of Informatics

Master of Science – Design, Use, and Interaction

Courses: experimental design of IT, interaction design, ethics and science, computer-supported cooperative work, qualitative research methods, advancements in interaction design.

Thesis: Design for serendipity – a research through design approach

August 2014 - December 2016

University College Østfold, Faculty of Computer Science

Bachelor of Science – Digital Media Production

Courses: Society and informatics, introduction to digital media, web-programming (PHP), dynamic web applications, digital documents, drama, media science, TV and film production, graphic design, game programming with Flash, intercultural communication, documents and web, 3D modelling and animation, information architecture, security and hacking, placement.

Thesis: The Smithsonian Human Origin Database: relating scientific data through time and space

August 2007 - June 2010

Craftworks, Northern Ireland

Production thrower, potter / ceramicist

Production throwing, kiln building, firing gas, wood, electric, and raku. Glaze chemistry and theory. Placements and workshop in Belfast with professor Takeshi Yashuda.

August 1999 - June 2000

Bokbinderiet AS


Apprenticeship. Hand binding literature.

December 1991 - June 1993

Sogn Videregående Skole

Graphic industry 2nd year

Courses: ledger binding, machine binding, chemistry, leather, gilding, machine theory.

August 1990 - June 1991

Sogn Videregående Skole

Graphic industry 1st year

Courses: typography, offset and letterpress printing, bookbinding, preprint, postprint.

August 1989 - June 1990

Nesbru Videregående Skole

Art & drawing

Courses: calligraphy and typography, freehand, colour theory, technical drawing, perspective, art history. (See some of my arty work here.).

August 1988 - June 1989

Methods and skills


  • UX, IA, interaction design
  • Concept development
  • Collaborative development
  • User testing, user involvement
  • Ethnographic methods, personas, proxy users
  • Interviews, user collaborations
  • Test designs
  • Prototyping: physical and wireframes


  • Typography
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Balsamiq
  • Wordpress, Joomla, & Bootstrap
  • Gapminder, Highcharts, D3, Google charts, (Raphaël, Processing, Gephi, Tableau, Exhibit (Similie), Circos)
  • (Final cut, Maya, Blender)

And I like hanging out at the hacker/makers-space Bitraf in Oslo, where they have laser cutters, a CNC-marchine, a collection of 3D printers and a plethora of tools for making prototypes, art, and exploring materials.

Pen, paper, whiteboard, clay, cardboard, tape, glue, wood, laser cutters, 3D printers, string… whatever is lying around, and whatever it takes to create a thing useful enough to be a tool for speculation*.

*/ basically, an object that are "real" enough for real and realistic conversations around it. A thingamabob that allows developers, designers, and users to create meaning and common understanding. So we then can go on to make amazing stuff for the real world.


Just to exemplify three things: simplicity, information dense applications, and visual flexibility.

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Interface rebuilt and rewritten for responsiveness. Bootstrap, HTML, CSS.

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Three-level interface for acoustic sensors application. HTML, CSS, Icomoon, Bootstrap, JQuery. CSS and JS animations.

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Human Origin Database

National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian. Concept, interaction, graphics, layout, HTML, CSS from scratch.

Prototyping, conceptual, idea development

Pen and paper, marker and whiteboard, Balsamiq, Xd, HTML & CSS, and physical doo-dads in prototyping.

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Human Origin Database

Work in progress: mapping and understanding relations of complex data and information structures. HopDb..

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I write HTML and CSS from scratch as protoype and POC, but also frameworks (i.e. Bootstrap) and CMS (i.e. Wordpress, Joomla).

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Programming LittleBits and sensors with IFTTT, for rapid prototyping.

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Many and varied – when not working, I tend to be found either outdoors hiking, geocaching, taking photographs, or gardening; or indoors doing arty things. These are just some keywords:

Mapping, drawing, biomimicry, painting, photography, calligraphy, typography, complex and associative data and information relations, hiking, graphic art, illustration, information architecture, system design, social media, scientific illustrations, literature, materiality, nature, evolution, tangible interactions.

I like hanging out at the hacker/makers-space Bitraf in Oslo, making and learning.

Visual Squirrels: art, science, design, history blog

Together with three other people I run the website Visual Squirrels. We write articles on things we find interesting, with any angle of science, art, (natural) history, literature, anthropology, film, technology, and architecture. The site is just as much about being a continuous experiment in interaction, UX, and graphic design. For a web-developer / system-designer, it is a rare privilege to work on live sites that have a lot of content and that are wide open to experimentation. Please note that some things might be "broken", and some things incomplete, but this is our sandbox where we allow ourselves to test web development ideas, balancing on what is actually possible. Sometimes little happen there, sometimes lots of things happens all at once. See this article for a better explanation of the site. Please note: right now we are in the process of a major redesign.

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