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VIsual Squirrels
VIsual SquirrelsVisual Squirrels of may 2016
front-safe in-house app
dyrenes hus
dyrenes husdyrenes hus. Dyrebeskyttelsen oslo og omegn
quality flight solutions
quality flight solutionsweb and identity for quality flight solutions
favouriteSystemsfavourite systems webpages.
barebente03_2011redesigning the header, adding details
trafikkdataa student project about traffic data.
formbyggformbygg - a high end building company – logo by cousin Mariusformbygg
bachelor thesis site
bachelor thesis sitebachelor thesis site – the project site for my bachelor thesis.A little of css3, images from a trip to the mountains, and colour explotion a combination of hand-drawn, photo, trace and illustrator.
smithsonians human origins program database
smithsonians human origins program databasesmithsonians human origins program database. our final bachelor project, for the national museum of natural history. can temporarily be seen here
ellemellen ellemellen produksjon – a page for graphic print by marius halvorsen.three manually coded pages.
gekko klatring
gekko klatringgekko klatring – a local climbing centre
game programming with flash
game programming with flasha school project in flash adventure game in a mysterious world.
carbon some fellow students' project on carbon.The design is simple css, the swirly coloured arrows made in illustrator
dans i skolen
dans i skolen dans i skolen – a project through school, for an organisation.a heavily edited wordpress theme.
north american mammals, part 1
north american mammals, part 1north american mammals, part 1 – mashups school project, based on a database from The Smithsonian and Wikipedia.The design is an experiment in pure HTML and css3.
north american mammals, part 2
north american mammals, part 2north american mammals, part 2 – testing CMS-systems, information architecture and interaction design on the background of data from The Smithsonians database over North American mammals. testing joomla. The design is not the interesting thing here, but rather the information architecture and interaction.
uninett conference
uninett conferenceuninett conference – conference pages.A simple page for the conference, suited for mobiles and small screens.
experiment for multimedia
experiment for multimedia experiment for multimedia site at my university college
bachelor pages
bachelor pagesthe pages from my bachelor years
these pages
these pages these pages, as they were until october 2010
dmProdigital media production site, showcasing student work
vaas – testing
vaas – testingtesting ideas in CSS
rabalder – testing
rabalder – testingtesting ideas in CSS
digita film project in the first semester of my BSc in digital media.most of it coded by Kjersti Bakke. logos by me.