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various museums & zoo

..not including natural history..

lincoln highway marker
lincoln highway markerlincoln highway marker. this one is for Cece.
national museum of american history
national museum of american historythis is for Cece. national museum of american history
berlin, 2ww
berlin, 2wwof all the pompous words and drama in the america-at-war exhibition, this was the one picture I found strangely evocative. she seems deeply unhappy; I am guessing she does not realise what fell out of the sky.
victory colours
victory coloursdon't mind the idea. but what they did to the colour names..
national museum of the american indian
national museum of the american indiannational museum of the american indian. shaped by wind and water, is the idea.
ceiling, NMAI
ceiling, NMAInational museum of the american indian - inside looking out.
moon disc
moon discmoon and raven.national museum of the american indian
contemporary art
contemporary artcontemporary indian art.national museum of the american indian.
james hampton
james hamptonThe Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly by james hampton. seriously. fruitcake.they call it naive art or folk art. but really, it is good old obsessive religious fruitcakery.smithsonian museum of american art.
adams memorial
adams memorialAugustus Saint-Gaudens, The Mystery of the Hereafter and The Peace of God that Passeth Understandingsmithsonian museum of american art
video art
video artvideo art.smithsonian museum of american art.
usaNam June Paik, Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii (1995)smithsonian museum of american art
typesmithsonian museum of american art.
spacegorgeous part of the museum of american art
prevostis squirrel
prevostis squirrel prevostis squirrel - a beautiful thing indeed.Callosciurus prevostii
meerkatanimals within and withoutmeerkat, humansSuricata suricatta
tamarindgolden lion tamarind. Leontopithecus rosalia
orang utan
orang utanorang utan out for a wee walk
gorilla– sorry, can't talk. places to go, people to see..gorilla. an ape, not a monkey.
peccarynot a pig!we are collared peccaries.pecari tajacu
reptile house
reptile housereptile house
sshh!shh! napping.water monitors.varanus mertensi
lionsurveying the estate. or the spectators. potential dinner.
mummum lioness
lion naptime
lion naptimelion naptime
octopus's garden
octopus's gardenoctopus's garden
subseamarine animals