Threatened by extinction – the nordic ark

I took a trip to the zoo. And was reminded of how annoying humans are.

Just a hop, skip and jump over the border is a zoo dedicated to species threatened by extinction. Admittedly, I was most excited about the big cats, and though not my favourite pasttime – to google caged animals – well. There is something about big cats.
But I would happily have someone cage all the people there, and certainly the children. Screaming, running, throwing pebbles at the animals, I was tempted to throw them in with the panthers. Add their parents, for good measure.

otters are the best

I love otters- they are the best. Lively, curious, playful, funny.

I want to be an otter in my next life

And people have no patience. To see the snow leopard, you need to stand still for a long, long time, waiting for it to swish it’s tail and show you where it is hiding.
There is one in this picture, in fact it is a mother with two cubs. See if you can find it..

find the snow lepard

big cat here somewhere..

getting closer

there it is -

Beautiful animals. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t see the european wild cat or the lynx – I stood and stared for ages – but it makes sense. It is perfectly adapted to be invisible in the swedish woods.

the lesser panda - if that isn't gorgeous.

the lesser panda – if that isn’t gorgeous


wolverine – beautiful carnivore



prezewalski horse - the last wild ones

prezewalski horse – the only wild horses left