the bachelor years

And so three years ended. Higher education. Just as I got good at playing the game, it is over. It was a mixed kettle; these three years. Most of the courses seemed exciting on paper, and a good handful of them turned out to be dreadful. Pointless. Insulting. Yes, digital media production is a new-ish branch, and my university college a small one, but dmPro is clearly the stepchild of the IT department. A good deal of the lecturers there would rather not have us meddling in their pure, proper information technology. The sign of small minds.

I have learned though. Mainly because I wanted to. It seems, you could get through a bachelor without learning much; without much ability. The system is made to get as many as possible through, degrading the meaning of a bachelor, and offending the ones who actually work their asses off. At the end of the day, it is a yes or no question whether you have a degree, not always the grades, attitude or accomplishments. We are considered sheep; bachelor students.

They say the world becomes beautiful and exciting at master level. I will find out, in about a year.

I realise the system is not made for me, though. I am fifteen years too old. Of course, there are kids that are way smarter than me, but I have experience in spotting gobshait. I suspect some lecturers get used to having 18-20 years olds that tend to accept whatever bullshit they say. Not so easy, then, with that old hag in the front row being difficult.

I’ve had fun too. The last year was hard, hard work, close to breaking point. But I found a small handful of good people, and you can do anything, if you have good people. Talent, hard work and nonsense is essential.

Pictures from the  bachelor years

So now I am unemployed, soon to be homeless, and the world of wonderful uncertainties unfold. New adventures.

Best of all. I can get out of this place.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.