oslo mysteries

If you walk slowly enough, you see little things in Oslo. I came across a couple of mysteries.

texture oslo

Old iron posts of various types have imprints. They are either mirrored or the right way around, but something in the style tells me this is old. How old, I have not the faintest idea. I imagine old posters used ink that somehow etched itself into the paintwork. Apart from the gorgeous textures and a whiff of history, I would like to know what was announced, when and how. In the two pics above, I can spot a street name “dalsbergstien”, a map and a skate. It should – in theory – be possible to find out when these posts were last painted. The posts are seriously worn, and I suspect might be removed soon.


“våpen” (weapons)

paulus plass

Paulus plass (paulus’ square, a square on the other side of town, across the river)

old smiley

This smiley – and font – seems rather old-fashioned.

Then, the second mystery; I did not realise it was one until I got home:


A sticker, announcing a company called “AS Hjalmar Bjørge”… first: what thought was that, to announce offshore charter, sales & purchases on lampposts around town?! Subliminal advertising?! Thing is: the phone number and postal code tells me this sticker is from before 1992, when Oslo changed the phone numbers from six to eight digits. The telex is a nice touch.

A fascinating thing about this, is that I cannot find any real nor historical information on this company. And the logo is just epic.

Any suggestions as to the origins of these little strangeness’es would be welcome, and any similar things from other places would be fun. I hope the posts stays. I love Oslo for this quirkiness.